Papanui Adult Education

All year round

A pleasant supportive learning environment in a friendly social setting

Whether it’s learning new job skills or crafts, developing social or parenting skills or learning for qualifications, Papanui High School Adult and Community Education offers some wonderful unique courses. Learn to make street food from around the world, jazz up a hat for Cup Day, maybe try an immersive weekend aromotherapy course, learn to draw to benefit the brain, create an amazing paverpol sculpture or participate in some of the very popular cake decorating classes.



For more info visit:

Papanui Adult Education


30 Langdons Road


03 352 0701



Students would be best to check before enrolling in a course if they have any special physical requirements to see if the course is being held in a suitable room for them to gain access as many courses cannot be shifted due to the need to access specialist equipment. Give the friendly team a call.

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We hope you enjoy Carers NZ's fun resource to connect you to options for amazement, amusement, delight, relaxation, or encouragement. Spend a few minutes exploring, or find something you like for a 'deep dive'! Our ideas are designed to help you have some fun, and to sustain your mental health and wellbeing.

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