Craft Without Borders

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Crafting is a mindful practice and a great way to bond with strangers

Hosted in Sydenham at the Latvian Community Hall, the Craft Without Borders team offers crafting sessions where all equipment and the sessions themselves are provided free of charge. Latvian House generously provides their space free of charge, which in turn keeps the crafting sessions free. Although the sessions are free, a koha is much appreciated and goes towards the upkeep of Latvian House. It’s a chance to sit and create together. You will work on something and help each other out.

Being part of Craft Without Borders means you get the joy of meeting new people, as well as going home with a skill learned and something you have created yourself.


Free. Koha appreciated.

For more info visit:

Craft Without Borders


Latvian Community Hall
38 Gasson Street


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