The Ashburton Art Gallery

All year round

A hub of creative and diverse activity

The gallery maintains a full programme of exhibitions throughout the year that promote and exemplify the works of local and national artists for the public. Exhibitions range from solo to group compositions and are sourced through the gallery collection, the artists, and other institutions. An assemblage of 702 works in its permanent collection with an additional 2000 plus works on long term loan.

At the centre of the collection is the work of award winning children’s book author and illustrator David Elliot. The AAG supports the promotion of children’s literature in New Zealand as an integral part of educating and inspiring our youth and it extends this promotion through the exhibition of its Elliot Collection. The gallery extends its exhibition programme through a diverse range of events and activities that are designed to enrich your experience of visual discovery. Public programmes range from workshops to artist talks and include guided tours and film screenings.



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The Ashburton Art Gallery

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Gisborne Astro Tour

Wed and Sat nights

Under the dark skies of Patutahi in the East Coast, Gisborne Astro Tours is a unique and memorable experience for all ages. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle and set in the beautiful backcountry of the East Coast, you can experience a unique and in-depth voyage of discovery to the far corners of the universe. This intimate and inspiring 2-hour astro tour with a highly acclaimed astronomer is your gateway to the stars.

The National Aquarium of New Zealand

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Come and meet the gorgeous and iconic Kororā (little penguins).The National Aquarium is a rehabilitation centre for Little Penguins. Some penguins are brought in because they've been abandoned as chicks, are partially sighted, have become sick in the wild, or have been injured in dog attacks. Some are also missing flippers due to getting caught in fishing nylon. Once recovered and ready, Little Penguins are sent back out into the wild. But some are unfortunately not strong enough to return to their natural habitats, so they find a permanent home at the Aquarium's Penguin Cove.

Napier Repair Cafe

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Sustainable Napier has a kaupapa of community connection, inclusiveness, and building resilience. Follow them on Facebook to see some of their great events. Perhaps attend the monthly Repair Cafe to get an item repaired or lend them your skills as a volunteer.

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