Get up to Five

Christchurch, Wellington
All year round

Bevan and Jo started Get up to Five because they wanted to help people who weren’t exercising, or who had tried in the past but failed to keep up the habit. They will get you passionate about exercise!

Get up to Five will help you achieve the goal of running 5km but more importantly, you’ll be amazed by the results. You will get fitter, leaner, healthy, have more energy, build confidence and mental strength. Plus you’ll feel amazing, motivated, accountable, and supported. Get up to Five has helped over 4,000 people run 5km.

90% of people that join Get up to Five achieve this goal. If you get to the end of the programme and feel as though you did not get the level of service that was equal or superior to the investment you put in financially, they will refund your payment into your bank account.


From $297

For more info visit:

Get up to Five


Locations in Wellington and Christchurch


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