Colleen Murray Dance Centre

Tues & Thurs

Broaden social opportunities, build self confidence, meet new people and so much more!

Dancing is more than just movement to music. The American writer John Dewy wrote about art as experience, and this is what dancing is really about. Each dance is an expression of a mood, an experience of emotion. The music brings out the emotion in the dancer, and this emotion is translated into movement, which is the dance.

In this way each person dancing experiences the fun of the jive, the cheekiness of the cha cha cha, the raw passion of the Argentine tango or the sultry desire of the rumba. These experiences are the essence of what life is about. With them we enrich our lives and those of others. Without them life slips into the drudgery and boredom of a dull routine. Although not everyone can be a great dancer, anyone is capable of experiencing the magic that makes dancing great. A friendly dance studio with a range of lessons! Tuesday and Thursday evenings.



For more info visit:

Colleen Murray Dance Centre


520 Cranford Street


021 140 2783

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