Swimming with Dolphins Akaroa

Akaroa, Canterbury
1 Oct-30 April. Booking essential

One of Christchurch’s best attractions and the most fun and educational cruises you will find anywhere in New Zealand.

View wildlife unique to NZ, learn about this stunning area’s past on a 2 hour cruise, or swim with rare Hector’s Dolphins. Swim in the vicinity of wild dolphins on this Akaroa Harbour cruise, limited to 12 passengers. The important, and perhaps most rewarding thing, is that the interaction between humans and dolphins is on their terms and they can always disappear whenever they want. The Hector dolphin is the smallest dolphin species in the world. Adult dolphins reach a maximum size of about 1.4m and 48kg. A newborn dolphin is just 76cm/2’ 4” (8kg/17lb), which is incredibly small for a marine mammal. Of all the dolphins in New Zealand waters, the Hector’s dolphin is the only one with a rounded dorsal fin. They also have distinct 3-colour markings earning them the nickname of ‘the panda of the seas’.



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Swimming with Dolphins Akaroa



Swimmers must have a basic skill level of swimming. Obviously the water is over your head and a degree of confidence in swimming is required. Swimmers must declare any pre-existing medical conditions which may limit their participation. A basic level of fitness is required. Swimmers will be floating in the water and will be required to swim to and from the boat – distances up to 50 meters (150 feet) at a time. Swimming is not available for under 8’s. Not wheelchair accessible.

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