Sister Eveleen Retreat House

All year round. Bookings essential

Sister Eveleen Retreat House is a space for people to immerse themselves in a peaceful setting. 

The beautiful garden is a great place to stop and rest. There is a small chapel on site where guests are welcome to pray. Come for renewal, refreshment, and prayer. Bookings essential. There are thirteen beds in nine rooms, each offering a range of accommodation choices and prices all with heating. All rooms at this inspiring retreat are warm and inviting with captivating views of sky and sea. Each room has a tranquil and cosy atmosphere, facilitating your refreshing spiritual retreat.


From $65

For more info visit:

Sister Eveleen Retreat House


6 Whitewash Head Road


022 563 6879



A very secluded retreat, which unfortunately means that there is limited vehicular access. Cars should be parked beside the Scarborough pool as there is no parking or easy drop off access. After you have parked, there is a ten minute uphill walk from the Scarborough pool, and then a short walk up a steep uneven zigzag path that is not wheelchair friendly.

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