Realm VR

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​Explore other worlds, or this one, in full 360-degree virtual reality. Limitless possibilities. Infinite potential. All you need – is you.

There are two types of experiences you can enjoy: Stationary and Full Motion. Stationary experiences involve moving with the controller. For those who are not experienced with this kind of technology, these experiences are a good starting point with less of a learning curve. Full Motion experiences take full advantage of KatVR technology through the use of foot motion sensors that allow you to walk and run through your virtual world. This can have a higher learning curve, but provides a more complete sense of immersion. Something for everyone including Agent Smiths (if you know you know). Don’t just stand there, get in the game. VR use is generally acceptable for ages 10 and above.



For more info visit:

Realm VR


Spencer House
31 Dunmore Street


0800 733 7455

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