One Yoga Pilates

Hawke's Bay
All year round

Pilates and Yoga is a beautiful balance and each modality brings something different for the body to integrate.

At One Yoga Pilates they offer Yoga Flow and Yin Yoga as well as Pilates. The form of Yoga you’re drawn to can depend on your physicality, energy levels or emotional state at any given time. Sometimes you may need a more energetic practice like a Yoga Flow class and at other times you may just need a Yin practice to deeply settle into your body. Pilates focus is on breathing, alignment, core strengthening, spine mobility and improving co-ordination and balance. The core includes the entire trunk, which is the abdominals, hips, inner and outer thighs, and the back.  When your core is strong the body has strength and vitality. Students say that as they practice Pilates they begin to have more energy. They just feel better and aches and pains start to reduce especially back pain. Pilates is a great complement to other forms of fitness.



For more info visit:

One Yoga Pilates


106 Market Street South,


021 0767 497

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