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Literacy Aotearoa’s free courses can increase your chances of success in life by improving your reading, writing, maths, digital and other vital skills. They will find out what you want to learn, and why. That puts you in charge of your own learning. You’ll get private, one-to-one or small group tutoring from trained staff using methods that work. When learning is relevant to you, it’s more interesting, which means you can achieve better results faster. And that will change your life.

There is plenty of support and lots of fun. Learn about healthy lifestyle skills: healthcare, nutrition, fitness, stress, family health and related matters. They can assist you to become financially capable: budgeting/planning, banking, saving and debt, financial goal setting. Improve your spoken communication and your English language skills. Become a confident communicator and accurate listener. There are also opportunities to become a tutor.



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Literacy Aotearoa 

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