Lan Yuan, Dunedin Chinese Garden

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A garden of national significance

A perfect miniature of a traditional Chinese landscape painting, Lan Yuan Dunedin Chinese Garden is a study in harmony and tranquility. It was built to take you on a journey to a greater understanding of history, culture, heritage and tradition. Its origins come from a desire to celebrate the city’s Chinese heritage and its valuable sister city relationship with Shanghai. If you think one visit is enough, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The garden changes with the seasons and vistas and hidden corners appear unexpectedly so you see something different every time you visit.

Come and relax, drink tea, bring a picnic, try some puzzles and games or simply wander and soak up the tranquility of the only truly authentic Chinese Scholar’s Garden in the Southern Hemisphere. Consider purchasing as a gift, or a gift to yourself, an annual pass which allows for unlimited entry to Lan Yuan for 12 months where you can enjoy the summer sun, the stunning autumn colours, the winter reflections and the flourishing growth in spring.



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Lan Yuan, Dunedin Chinese Garden


39 Queens Gardens




Wheelchair access is available right through to the sunny main courtyard, Tea Shop and Tea House. A wheelchair accessible bathroom is also available in this area. Approximately 70% of the garden is accessible to those using a wheelchair. The entrance and some buildings within the garden have a panel below the door which can be removed if needed. The hilltop and some bridges are not accessible without assistance. They have a wheelchair available and are very happy to help visitors in a wheelchair access as many parts of the garden as possible.


Lan Yuan, Dunedin Chinese Garden is on the corner of Rattray and Cumberland Streets, opposite Queens Gardens and beside the Toitū Otago Settlers Museum. It is within easy walking distance of the Octagon and the Dunedin Railway Station.


The Garden has a free car park and there is on-street parking along all the streets in the area, some paid, some free. Bus parking is also available in front of the Toitū Otago Settlers Museum.

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