Book Discussion Scheme

All year round

The Book Discussion Scheme (BDS) caters for people who are looking to join an existing BDS book group, are in a book group and want to borrow their resources, or need help to form a new book group.

They lend books and professionally prepared discussion notes to book groups. They have been resourcing book groups for more than 40 years, so have plenty of helpful advice to offer if you need it! If you want to join an existing group, type in your location or zoom in to search for book groups and readers near you. The BDS groups shown are those who are looking for additional people. NZ’s only nationwide book group specialist! Lends fiction and non-fiction to participating book clubs / book groups, so all members of a group can read the same book at the same time. Over 1,150 fiction and non-fiction titles to choose from (and counting!). NZ-wide delivery.



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Book Discussion Scheme

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