3D Body Scan + 30min Consultation

All year round

As seen on the Matchfit TV Show

A great way to learn what the baseline level of your body is, before any exercise journey. Hundreds of precise body measurements using 3D modelling provides an illuminating visual aid, so you’ll be able to more easily track your progress over time.

The components are:

Shape Analysis: rate your physique and body shape. Fat Analysis: includes distribution and visceral fat breakdown, muscle mass analysis and comparisons. Calorie and Metabolism Analysis: track metabolic rate and calories burned. Risk Assessment: track body fat related disease risk. Metabolic Age: compare your real age to your metabolic age. Posture and Muscle Balance: assess and correct any imbalances. Goal Setting: set fat loss and fitness goals, burn rate and activity levels and a 30-min consultation.

If Ted says it’s good – it must be good! Be amazed at the level of detail, a life altering experience.



For more info visit:

3D Body Scan + 30min Consultation


28 Davis Cresent



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